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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Alternative to Lite Beer

Beer #263 Guineu Riner, Ca l'Arenys, Valles de Torrella, Spain

Tonight was the last concert in Valley Forge Park for the summer, so a picnic dinner and some beer helped close out the season.  Added in a late night stop at TJ's for some additional blog beers.  Need to keep feeding the beast that is this project!

The beer for the night is one I actually had last week at TJ's, the Guineu Riner, a pale ale from Ca l'Arenys in Spain.  This beer has a light, hazy gold color with a fluffy white head.  The aroma has notes of grapefruit and grass, and the taste has a nice amount of hop bitterness, with some citrus in there as well.  It's very thin and easy drinking, and I think this would be a great, thirst quenching beer on a warm summer day.

One of the things that grabs you about this beer is that it's very flavorful, yet it has a very tiny 2.8% ABV.  You could literally drink this beer all day.  This is what infuriates me about macro brews - people say they want something light, yet don't realize or care they can drink something that doesn't taste like wet cardboard.  People just need to try harder!

Plus, this beer has a fun sleeping fox on their label.  Who doesn't want that?

It's a fox, not a cat.

Thing to Think About Today:
So, clearly my favorite movies about college tend to revolve around some legendary party guy doing epic party things in some absurdly glorious fashion.  This being said, it's also quite possible those are the only movies about college being made, but I guess there could be others.  I wouldn't know.

An underrated selection in this genre (in my opinion) happens to be Van Wilder.  To no one's surprise, this movie is the tale of a college veteran who only remains enrolled so he can... wait for it... throw parties and live the lifestyle.  All well and good during his seven years as an undergrad, until his father pulls the plug on his tuition payment, causing Wilder a bit of a problem.  A reporter from the school newspaper writes an article on Wilder (played by Ryan Reynolds) and his antics, during which our hero tries to woo the reporter (played by Tara Reid back when she was pretty) and steal her away from her boyfriend.  Hilarity ensues, but not before Wilder gets his act together and finally gets himself that diploma in the process.  Hooray!

In an awesome bit of casting, Tim Matheson plays Van Wilder's father - this is important because as you all know, Matheson also played the role of Eric Stratton in Animal House.  Another movie we just might be checking in on in this space.....

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