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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Happy IPA Day!

Beer #236  Dig / New Belgium Brewing Company, Fort Collins, CO

It appears that today is national IPA Day.  While I wasn't familiar with this event up until yesterday, I do appreciate Congress making it a national holiday for everyone to take the day off and celebrate.  Wait, they didn't do that?  Well, I guess there's always next year.  Write your Congressman.  And, I suppose Senator too, while you're at it.  Not like they're doing much else these days.

To celebrate, I'm having a Dig from New Belgium.  While it's not a true IPA, today's beer is at least a pale ale, and is brewed by people who know very much about making great beers of all flavors, particularly IPAs (their Ranger IPA is fantastic).  This beer is a clear, amber color with a lingering thin white head.  There are aromas of pine, citrus, and biscuit, and you pick up a dry, earthy flavor with plenty of lemon, some caramel sweetness from the malt, and a nice, bitter finish.  This seasonal release beer isn't as hoppy as the average IPA everyone is celebrating today, but very good all the same.

The sun always shines on BlogNamedBrew!

This iconic brewery was conceived when the owner took a bicycle tour through Belgium on "fat tire" bikes in 1989.  When he returned to the States, he started brewing, and one of the beers was named Fat Tire - this beer is now one of the top selling (if not THE top selling) craft beers in the country.  Wonder what I'll dream up when I'm on my bicycle tour of Belgium next summer.....?  Probably not something as awesome.  Crud.

Thing to Think About Today:
You ever run a lap around the track at your high school?  Of course you have.  Maybe you've run many laps around the track as you trained for a race, or tried to lose weight, or were punished for something while in gym class.  Maybe you ran them slowly, or maybe you ran them quickly.  Whatever your motivation and however fast you ran them... you sure as heck didn't run that lap in 43 seconds.  I know that because you aren't world record holder Michael Johnson.  Let's take a look at both his 200m and 400m win from the Atlanta games, and remind ourselves that it's good to be fast:

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