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Friday, August 10, 2012

Beer 244: Boundless Generosity and Grimbergen Pale Ale

I spent the morning in a meeting on a 250 acre estate planning an event to celebrate the close of our capital campaign, which is happening thanks in large part to the owners of said estate. Tomorrow I'm spending the evening at a fundraiser at the beach in Avalon. Sometimes my job is very, very taxing (said with the greatest amount of sarcasm). What's even more amazing than these homes is their owners' generosity. It is truly humbling to work at the museum that is the beneficiary.
Even more amazing is that I was sent home from today's meeting with this bounty...

This pile o' veggies is what's left after I gave some to a colleague! Sometimes generosity really knows no boundary.
Before I get back to surveying my vegetable kingdom, let's talk about a beer...the Grimbergen Belgian pale ale to be exact. Brewed by Brouwerij Alken-Maes, it poured a hazy golden caramel color with an off white head.

The head was thick and as it burst, it left big holes where bubbles once were. The smell is biscuit but overall very mild. The taste is candy sugar with strong toasty malts. It has a sharpness at first, which then rounds out to a nice fullness. I thoroughly enjoyed this one. Cheers!

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