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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Beer 235: FiftyFifty RyePA

Tonight's beer of choice is the RyePA from FiftyFifty Brewing Company. It's a west coast style IPA. Despite that fact, Gary sold me on it by saying it was a very malty IPA. When will I learn? I drank just enough for the review and he's in the couch possibly making love to this beer. (sigh)

Since it came in a Whole Foods growler, I didn't bother to include anything other than the glass of beer in the photo. It poured a hazy apricot color with a full off white head. It smells of citrus hops and very faintly of caramel. The flavor is bitter and strong hops first, then hints of rye and some malt smoothness. It also finished very hoppy. West coast indeed. I did notice that as it warmed up a bit, the rye was more noticeable in the aroma.

While the RyePA wasn't my kind of beer, there are a number of other offerings from FiftyFifty that I would love to try. Cheers!

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