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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Fun Dogs and Bad Calls

Beer #234 C.S.B. / Laughing Dog Brewing, Ponderay, ID

I'm apparently headed to the mall tonight to help the Mrs. shop for an outfit.  If don't make it back alive, at least I got 234 beer posts in the book, which ought to at least be worth a bronze medal.  In other news today, about 3,000 Penn State fans showed up to cheer on the football team as they walked into their first practice - one of them holding up a sign that showed off PSU's top ranked graduation stats for players, something I'm sure the NCAA missed when describing the school as an out of control football factory.  I digress.

Tonight's beer comes to us from Laughing Dog Brewing in Idaho.  I'm drinking the C.S.B., which is their version of an Extra Special Bitter, or ESB.  In the glass, it shows off a clear, dark amber hue with a lingering white head.  You pick up the aroma of citrus, and malt, and the taste gives you flavors of caramel, biscuit, apple, lemon, and tea.  There's some hop bitterness in there if you look hard enough.  Really nice ESB, and definitely one I'd like to drink again, maybe at a tailgate this fall

Good dog.

In case you're wondering, and I'm quite certain you are, the name of this beer is an abbreviation for "Crotch Sniffing Bastard" and is named for Ben, the laughing dog which the brewery is named for (and, if you believe the website, owned by).  Apparently, that's how he likes to say hello.  I'm not one to judge, our dog Flash liked to make out with everyone he met.  That dog tongue kissed more strangers than a sorority girl on spring break.  Ah, the dog's life.

Thing to Think About Today:
Life at the Olympics isn't all shining moments and good sportsmanship.  Sometimes, there are moments that defy words, such as the 1972 men's basketball gold medal game between the USA and USSR.  For those who aren't familiar, the Soviets were given three additional chances in the waning seconds of the game, with each call to allow for extra time more ludicrous than the last.  Read about it here, and watch some straight up bullshit for yourself:

To this day, the American team refuses to accept their silver medals; they sit in a bank vault somewhere in Switzerland, where they will likely sit forever.  

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