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Friday, July 20, 2012

Beer 223: Evil Genius Blind Eye P.A.

Look what followed me home today...

Sadly the Mini dealership wants it back tomorrow. But between now and lunch tomorrow, we are going to have a real good time together!

Look what followed Gary home from Whole Foods today...

32 ounces of beer for $5! Now that's a deal. This is 32 ounces of Evil Genius Beer Company's Blind Eye P.A.

I wish I had the chance to review another offering from Evil Genius because this IPA is too much for me. It poured a lovely amber color with just a bit of head. The aroma reminded me of candied fruit and smelled of cloves. The brewers describe this one as a Belgian IPA, which explains that. If you're into big hoppy beers, then I think this is a great beer. There's hops front, center and rear on this one. There's a strong citrus flavor among the hops and it also has a nice spice. This beer may not be for me, but I know a tasty beer when I taste one.

Cheers! I'm going to sit in my not-quite-mine Coupe.

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