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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Beer 218: Alaskan Amber and No Roads Out

I scored another hard to find beer on the Denver trip. It's the Alaskan Amber -- an altbier from the Alaskan Brewing Company. Alt means old in German and this is a German style brown ale that is conditioned for longer than usual. The longer time conditioning leads to a mellower and less fruity beer.

The Alaskan Amber poured a deep amber color with a thin ring of white head. It smelled of bready malts and lightly of hops. The taste is smooth and this beer is very easy to drink. There is a lot of caramel in the taste and just enough hop to keep it from being boring.

Like I said this beer is a good get. Alaskan Brewing doesn't ship east of Colorado. Being brewed in Juneau, Alaska doesn't help with distribution either. Turns out there aren't any roads that connect it to the Lower 48 or even the rest of Alaska. And that's your information drop for the day.


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