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Monday, July 30, 2012

A Good Sort of Evil

Beer #233 Blind Eye PA / Evil Genius Beer Company, West Grove, PA

The beer for today is the Blind Eye pale ale from Evil Genius.

One MILLION beers!

No, not that evil genius.  The Evil Genius Beer Company, a start up brewery here in Pennsylvania.  I had this beer on draft courtesy of a growler I brought home from Whole Foods - a mere $5 for 32oz of beer, one of the better deals you'll find around.  This beer poured a clear, bright amber color and gave off a floral aroma. The taste is light and flavorful, with notes of caramel sweetness, citrus, and malt.  Maybe some hints of tea in there as well.  That being said, it's a really nice beer, and well worth your efforts if you see this one on draft in your local watering hole.

Evil Genius was started by some Villanova graduate students.  Makes me mad that I didn't meet any brewers during my (non-Villanova) graduate school days.  Nertz.

Thing to Think About Today:
Imagine you're already an Olympic long shot.  So, what do yo do when you're matched up against the greatest wrestler of all time - a guy who has already won three gold medals over the span of 12 years, was undefeated lifetime in international competition, and in fact hadn't given up a point in over six years?  What do you do with that?

Just win, baby.  Rulon Gardner, take it away:

"Do you believe in miracles again?"

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