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Monday, July 2, 2012

Beer 205: Mount Hood Ice Axe IPA

Gary and I just spent a solid seven minutes sorting through photos on my iPad and Blackberry, comparing them to our vacation itinerary in an attempt to remember what unlabeled photo belonged to my review of the Mount Hood Ice Axe IPA. It sounded a lot like, "Is this it?" "No. That's the second night at Henry's." "Is this it?" "Was it before of after the apricot cream ale?" Who says alcohol makes you dumb?'re getting a short and sweet review of Mount Hood Brewing Company's Ice AxE IPA. An IPA for Marci, you say! Indeed.

It poured a lovely amber color with a thin head. (At least I remembered to take a pic halfway through!). It smelled buttery and nutty. The flavor was mid-level hops with a slightly bitter finish. I need to learn how to describe IPAs if I'm going to be drinking them more often. I recognize that hoppy and bitter aren't all that helpful.


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