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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Mambo Italiano

Beer #220 10 / Birrificio Brùton, Lucca, Italy

Today's beer is the 10, or Dieci, from Italian brewer Birrificio Brùton.  It pours a dark mahogany, almost black, color with a bit of tan, lingering head.  Your nose picks up the aroma of rich malt and stone fruits, and you get flavors of tobacco, toffee, leather, dark fruits, and a rather strong malt backbone.  Very complex, and quite potent at 10% ABV - I guess that's perhaps where the name comes from?  Almost seemed like more of a barleywine than a quad, but whatever you want to call it, it's quite good.

Sexy time.

From the Google translation of the website, it seems that Brùton is named for a beer that was brewed in Crete back in ancient times.  Or, maybe something like that - I really don't know, because the translation never comes out exactly right.  If you see something from this brewery, buy it, regardless of what the name means.

Thing to Think About Today:
I should have planned this better - tomorrow night I'm making my now-legendary meatballs and sauce for dinner, so I could have had an entire Italian thing going on at once.  Instead, I'll just go ahead and leave you with what most of America assumes life is like when you're Italian.  Yes, The Sopranos.  This ground breaking show paved the way for a gaggle of excellent cable shows (such as the all time best show ever, The Wire), and gave us an interesting perspective into New Jersey, "independent businessmen", creative problem solving, and the trash industry.  It also probably caused you to start cursing more in your personal and professional life (at least, I did).  While this clip is awesome, it isn't remotely safe for work, unless your employer loooooves profanity:

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