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Monday, July 9, 2012

Today is Junkyard Day

Beer #212 Diablo Rojo / Boneyard Beer, Bend, OR 

First day of school/new job went well today, thanks for asking.  Very glad to finally get started after knowing about this for over a month now.  Still trying to wrap my arms around what I'll be doing, but so far I think I'm going to like it very much.

To celebrate, how about a beer review?  Today's beer is another vacation beer, the Diablo Rojo from Boneyard Beers.  Had this one on draft at Henry's Tavern, and it poured a dark amber color with a malty aroma.  You pick up flavors of caramel, malt, and biscuit, with some hops sprinkled in.  Quite tasty.  In my notes, I wrote "sessionable?", which is shorthand for "perhaps you can drink a number of these beers in one sitting?" At 7% ABV you may want to think twice about that strategy.

Red Devil, indeed.

The phrase boneyard is slang for a junkyard, and that's exactly where this brewery picked up its name - Boneyard was started with salvaged vats and brewing tools from other breweries.  They stick with more of a skulls and bones and demons theme on their website, leveraging the graveyard aspect of the boneyard name.  Personally, I was hoping for more of a Fred Sanford motif if they're tracing their roots back to the junkyard.

Lamont, you big dummy!

Thing to Think About Today:
After finishing my write-up with a Redd Foxx reference, do you think there was any chance this wasn't going to be your thing to think about today?  Armed with possibly the greatest theme song ever in the form of Quincy Jones' The Streetbeater, 70's sitcom Sanford and Sons told the legendary tale of Fred Sanford and his son, Lamont, and their salvage business.  Classic, classic tv here:

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