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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Beer 232: New Belgium Dig

Ever have one of those days where your body is just all I've had enough and everything feels like the hardest task on earth? Yeah, that's me today. Not hungover. Not sick. Just beat. This afternoon's 13 mile bike ride was a terrible slow slog that has rendered my legs useless. I may fall asleep on my iPad as I sit here and type. First world problems indeed.

Today I'm drinking a Dig by New Belgium Brewing out of Fort Collins (Colorado). I'm a big fan of New Belgium's brews and they've been a staple of our beer consumption on our last two Colorado vacations. Dig is a new release for 2012. My go to beers from New Belgium are the Fat Tire and Somersault.

Dig poured a bright amber color with an off white head that's leaving behind some lacing. It has a strong scent...lots of malt and hops, some lemon and a bit of fruit. It has a medium mouthfeel, full but not thick. The flavor has lots of hops, some lemon and a nice amount of malt. The lemon is thanks to the Sorachi hops. Good to know.

This is an American pale ale that I can absolutely dig. Ha! Cheers!

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