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Sunday, July 22, 2012

On the Road (Or Not)

Beer #225 Toria Tripel / de Hoevebrouwers, Zottegem, Belgium

So today didn't quite go according to plan - after a long ride yesterday, we were hoping to get back on the bikes for a shorter but faster ride today.  Well, the ride was fast in one regard, as I very quickly ended up with a flat tire about a mile and a half into the journey.  So, I got to turn around and walk my bike back up a hill to the car, which was a workout, just not the one I was hoping for.  Courtesy of the good people at Performance Bicycle, I got it fixed in short order and we should be back on the road tomorrow.

The beer o' the day is the Toria Tripel from de Hoevebrouwers in Belgium.  This beer has a hazy straw color, with very little head.  There's a light aroma of fruit and citrus, and the taste has notes of citrus, malt, and pepper, with a rather hoppy and dry finish.  I was expecting a bit less hops and more fruit, but it's still a good beer and a good find, and I'd certainly have another (if there wasn't the pesky problem of needing to find new beers almost every day).

This brewer's name translates to 'The Farm Brewers' in English, and they're a newcomer in Belgium, having won am amateur homebrewing contest back in 2006.  Six years later, I can get their beer on draft at TJ's, which is an awesome accomplishment in a relatively short time.

Thing to Think About Today:
My time on the road was cut short today, but I can make up for that later.  However, On the Road is still our thing to think about today - but I'm talking the fantastic book by Jack Kerouac, not my failed bike ride.  I recently learned that this book is being made into a movie, which I assume I'll watch and be frustrated that it wasn't as good as the book.  I try to re-read some of the classics during the summer, and wanted to re-read this book before we headed out to Denver last weekend (but forgot to swing by the library).  Hollywood seems to be mining the world of books for movie ideas, as The Rum Diaries was out last year, and On the Road and The Great Gatsby are coming up soon.

On the Road tells the story of young adults who criss-cross the country in search of adventure, love, and the meaning of life in the late 1940's.  While I enjoy traveling and want to visit all 50 states, I could never pack up everything I own to roam the country.  I'm just too practical for that.  However, this semi-autobiographical tale shares Kerouac's experiences in searching for adventure and something more significant in life.  He's able to capture the spirit of the Beat Generation, and tell a beautiful story in the process.

Another great read for summer, particularly with the movie coming out at some point in the future.  As always, please read books.  They're good.

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