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Thursday, July 5, 2012

All the Colors At Once!

Beer #208 Ice Axe IPA / Mt. Hood Brewing Company, Government Camp, OR

Hopefully everyone enjoyed a nice, relaxing, fun filled Fourth of July.  Apparently, no one beats San Diego when it comes to fun filled - they thought it would be awesome to set off their entire fireworks display at once, making for the most exciting 15 seconds in the history of fireworks. 

We wanted to get into Philly to visit with friends and see the fireworks from their rooftop deck, but sadly Marci and I both had early morning meetings today and instead opted to visit a local park.  Had a nice picnic and saw some great fireworks, although could have been far more awesome if they all exploded at once.

Far less visually stimulating but no less interesting is today's beer - the Ice Axe IPA from Mt. Hood Brewing.   This was the first beer I sampled in Portland, and it poured a copper color with a thin head.  It gave off a light aroma of pine and citrus, and the taste had flavors of mild hop bitterness, caramel malt, and an earthy undertone.  Not as hoppy as some other West Coast IPAs, but very enjoyable.

Mt. Hood doesn't bottle their beer, and none of it leaves the state of Oregon.  Good find!  And, if I haven't mentioned it, Henry's Tavern is a great spot for dinner and beers in Portland.  With over 100 beers on tap, this restaurant is housed in... wait for it.... an old brewery.  Nice.

Thing to Think About Today:
This is the second "hood" beer I've had so far this year, the first being Philadelphia Brewing's Harvest from the Hood.  And, in that post, I shared a link to the Dynamite Hack version of Boyz N The Hood.  So, let's still keep it 'hood and go with one of the first true gangsta rap songs from the West Coast, Colors by Ice-T. This song was the soundtrack for a movie of the same name, which featured Sean Penn and Robert Duvall as police officers in a violent section of gang controlled Los Angeles.  Most notably, they dropped the F-bomb about once per sentence, which is probably what I liked most about this movie as a 14 year old kid growing up in the suburbs.

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