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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Beer 214: Weary Travelers and Tired Hands

Yesterday's post -- Beer 213 -- officially wrapped up my review of beers I sampled on my west coast vacation.  I drank some amazing beer, some average beer and pretty much everything in between.  It was an amazing experience and I'm so thankful that Gary was there for every last moment of it.  I'm also thankful that we managed not to kill each other despite only being separated during the vacation for a total of 75 minutes.  (Don't ask. There was one killer hangover that would only be cured by McDonald's breakfast.)

But after almost two weeks on the road, my own bed was calling my name and I had to rescue Kelli from the evil genius dachshunds, who terrorized her for her entire dog sitting experience.  As I jetted back to Philadelphia, the usual sense of anticipation of going home washed over me.  I love where I live -- there's no doubt about that.  And as we began the descent into Philadelphia, I leaned my head against the airplane's window and spied some familiar landmarks.  The Cira Center sparkling alongside the Schuylkill River.  The glow of the Pyramid Club in the hazy night sky.  The faint and approximate location of the museum that brings me great joy and a sense of belonging. 

A few weeks later I find myself jonesing for a lot of the beer that I drank on that trip, which is unfortunate because so much of it isn't available east of the Mississippi.  But I'm continuing to find amazing beer and some of it in my own backyard.

Tired Hands Brewing Company opened not even two months ago. Located in Ardmore (Pennsylvania), Tired Hands is already wowing the beer aficionados in the area.  I sampled a few beers on my first visit, but the one that really did it for me as the Trois Enfants. 

It is a barrel aged biere de garde. It poured a hazy chestnut color with a very thick ecru head.  The smell was spicy and nutty.  The flavor was caramel malt and it had a creamy mouthfeel.  The hop impact was minimal -- my kind of beer.

Tired Hands just released an American Berliner Weisse that I'm very eager to try.  Hopefully it will still be around for my visit next week!



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