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Friday, July 27, 2012

Beer 230: Steelhead Extra Pale Ale

Today Operation Hot Stuff comes to fruition. What's that you ask? It's playing hookey on a Friday afternoon, getting some cocktails with the girls and watching Magic Mike. I suppose there's all kind of cock jokes that can be made at this time, however I am a mature woman so I'll pass. Instead I'll be giggling like a schoolgirl at the first sight of a naked thigh or pelvic thrust!

Onto the beer review so I can get this show on the road. Tonight's beer is from Mad River Brewing Company.

The Steelhead Extra Pale Ale poured a slightly hazy deep golden liquid. It had a small white head. The aroma was strong on malts and smelled vaguely of prunes. The taste was bold...lots of malt, strong hop presence with some caramel. This is a nice beer. That's solid praise from someone who not too long along ran from anything with pale ale in the title.


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