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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Beer 211: Goddamnit. Another Two for One Review

I had planned to write about Van Diest's Frulli Strawberry Ale, but it turns out that it's brewed by Brewery Huyghe, which also happens to brew Delirium Tremens.  Ugh.  I reviewed Delirium Tremens about 136 days ago.

The Internetz are being completely unhelpful as I try to figure out the relationship between Van Diest and Brewery Huyghe.  All I know is that it's pretty clear that Huyghe brews Frulli.  I'll file this under "things that would have been helpful a few weeks ago."

Anyway the Frulli poured a hazy, rosy amber color with a bubbly pink-hued head.  It smelled and tasted strongly of strawberries.  From my research, I've learned that Frulli is a highly rated fruit beer because it tastes natural and not at all artificial.  I can attest to that.  As a big fan of fruit beers, the kiss of death in my world is artificial tasting flavor.  Frulli definitely had all natural flavor.  

I had this beer with dinner at Flip Side Burgers in Santa Rosa.  Burger was fine...nothing to write home about.  This was supposed to be my second to last review from my trip to the west coast.  Oh well...

Instead the official review will be of Toria Tripel.  Brewed by De Hoevebrouwers in Belgium, it is a Belgian Tripel weighing in at 8.6% ABV.  It poured a hazy straw color with a small and thin head.  It smells of chamomile. The taste is hops and honey and on the thin side.  While the higher ABV isn't evident at first taste, it definitely shines through toward the end.  

From what I could figure out from a rough translation of the brewery's website home brewers won a competition in 2006 and began producing small batches of a few recipes and may now be doing the gypsy brewer thing and brewing at various outposts throughout Belgium.  Or not.  Sometimes Google translator is a little dicey.


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