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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Beer 75: Delirium Tremens

This is how my afternoon went.  I get a call that provides information that renders the 3,000 invitations that were just delivered from the printer inaccurate. 

Me: (on phone) FUUUUUUCK. (literally bangs head on desk and yells incoherently)  I'm on speaker phone, aren't I?

Co-worker:  Yes.  That was an inopportune time for me to hit the button.

(Time elapses and this email exchange ensues.)

Me:  Sorry. My world just blew up.  Anyway, I don't know what I want for dinner.  I'm hopped up on pistachios and adrenaline.  Did you have thoughts?

Gary:  After pistachios and adrenaline, I fear anything I come up with is going to be a let down. You want to meet at Teresa's Next Door for a beer & gyro?  Or will you be leaving work too late to make dining out + coming home to blog a challenge?

Me: Sure.

Gary:  Petrus on draft at TND!  A few other new breweries (to us) as well.  SCORE.

Me:  (having already investigated Teresa's beer list as a dinner option) I wanted to try the Ename Cuvee.  

Gary:  Wheeeeee! (This photo was included.)

Given the beautiful weather today, that may be what I look like driving home. 


Beer of the day.  Why it is a de Proef Flemish Primitive wild ale called Surly Bird.  Ugh.  And we won't be reviewing this one because they also brew the Reinaert Wild Ale that I reviewed on February 4.   Well today keeps getting better and better, doesn't it?

In case you were curious, this is the basics of what I would have written about the Surly Bird.  It is a Belgian Strong Pale  Ale.  9% ABV.  Poured a straw color.  Drank slightly sweet and tasted of banana bread.  It was super dry.  Sweet upfront but finished with a bite.  Very good.

Luckily I have a bottle of Delirium Tremens.  Delirium Tremens.  DT.  Alcohol withdrawals.  The shakes.  Seriously?  This is what I opt to drink?

Anyway...this bottle always intrigued me with its opaque speckled glass and funny little elephants.  Tremens also happens to be a Belgian Strong Pale Ale that is brewed by Brouwerij Huyghe.  It poured with a thick white head that had staying power throughout the entire glass of beer.  It smelled of bread and malt sweetness with a hint of herbal odors.  The color was much more amber than this photo.  The taste.  So good.  Well balanced.  It finished with a black pepper taste and a bit of lemon. 

Really this is an awesome beer.  I'm tagging it top 25.  Cheers!

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