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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Don't Hassle the Hof!!!

Beer # 77 Dormaal Blond / Brouwerij Hof Ten Dormaal, Tildonk, Belgium

Today is a beautiful marriage of productivity and sloth.  I had to shop-vac water in the basement courtesy of a leak in our furnace/humidifier (fixed!), had to run out and do some grocery shopping, had to get some laundry taken care of, had to back up all our music to iCloud.  Holy crap we have a lot of, um, "borrowed" music from the Internet.  And yet, I found time to enjoy a beer, listen to said "borrowed" music, and do some reading while watching a strange weather day pass by.  There's been brilliant, blinding sunshine, brutal wind gusts, snow flurries, and most everything else in-between.  A good day to spend on the couch with a beer, no?

And today's beer is a good one, the Blond from Hof Ten Dormaal.  As you can see in the picture, this beer has an orange hue and a fluffy white head in the glass.  You can instantly smell the aroma of bread, with some citrus too.  The first sip brings flavors of yeast and hops with a persistent peppery spice.  Some funk and mild bitterness in there, in just the right dosage.  Checking in at 8% ABV, this is a really well done beer, and it will definitely find a home in the permanent rotation.

Interesting story here, as the brewery sits on a working farm.  All of the barley and hops for their beers are grown on the property, and it's clear these guys take pride in their connection to the land.

I think the fitting end to a day like today will be a glorious feast, and what goes better with beer than melted cheese and bread?  Not much, which is why I'm making fondue for dinner.  Cheers!

Thing to Think About Today:
Listen, if I'm making a David Hasselhoff pun in the post title based on the brewery's name, then I'm seeing it through to the end.  But what clip to use?  Hoff singing at the Berlin Wall in a light up jacket?  Hoff and KITT solving crimes?  This awesome public service announcement where a TALKING CAR tells kids to stay off drugs?

No, if we're drinking a Hof Blond, then we're going blond, as in top-heavy blond lifeguards.  That's right, Hoff during the glory days of Baywatch!!  Classic television here, people....

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