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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Back from the Road

Beer #59 Cuvee des Jacobins Rouge / Brouwerij Bockor, Bellegem, Belgium
Spent today and yesterday recruiting at a career fair at Penn State.  On one hand, it's like a day off because I'm not in my office for the day.  On the other, I'm standing all day and repeating the same conversation over and over again to college students wearing ill-fitting suits.  On the whole, it's always good to get back to State College, regardless of whether I have to do some work or not.

To unwind today, I'm sampling a Flemish sour from Brouwerij Bockor.  This beer has a dark color, with a sour cherry nose.  It's tart and crisp, with a great cherry flavor and a nice effervescence.  The tartness definitely gets you on the back of the tongue.  Overall, it lacks some complexity/depth, but really it's an enjoyable sour beer that checks in at a respectable 7.5% ABV.  If you find one, drink it.

Thing to Think About Today:
Did some driving today back from State College, and the iPod was rocking the entire way.  I actually enjoy driving alone on road trips; it lets me sort of relax and just listen to music.  The highlight was the Scissor Sisters coming up on shuffle - they're an unusual band but a great add for your favorite road trip mix.  FYI, following clip is not completely safe for work, unless your workplace is cool with music containing the word "tits" frequently in the lyrics.  If so, please feel free to blast this one in the office, otherwise enjoy Tits on the Radio at home:

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