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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Beer 54: Lost Abbey Avant Garde Ale

This laptop is a piece of shit.  Like a giant piece of shit that crashes every 17 hours and takes whatever we're doing with it.  I can't blog directly in Blogger on my iPad because Blogger likes to crash.  Eff all of you.

So I had another fully realized post and now somehow it's gone.


The Lost Abbey Avant Garde Ale is good.  I opened the bottle and declared, "This smells like beer!"  It poured fairly true to this photo in terms of color.  It smelled like I want all my beer to smell.  Just plain good.  It tasted of hops, bread and something mildly sweet.  Other reviews named caramel but I'm not getting that.

Overall I think this one is a winner.  I'm looking forward to visiting The Lost Abbey in person later this year.  I promise a much better review at that point.

Cheers.  Meh.

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