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Friday, February 17, 2012

Beer 69: Brouwerij Kerkom Blossom Bink or TGIF

Yet another extremely long week is in the books and the weekend is beckoning bright and early tomorrow morning.  I have located my great white whale and hope to have it on the hook by 10am tomorrow.  I’m not risking jinxing the mission and will hopefully be telling you all about it at some point this weekend.

Today was random.  I dumped the entire contents of a filing cabinet into either a shred bin or recycling bin and then shoved said filing cabinet out into the hall for someone to haul away.  My office feels huge and I actually feel lighter.  I’m now on the hunt for an inexpensive but comfortable chair to tuck into that corner.  It will be my editing chair or my editing/napping chair depending on the document.

I also started the day getting passed by Snoop from The Wire.  Gary asked if I saw her coming out of Home Depot.  I think she was on the way to help Chris disappear some bodies in the vacants.  

Sidebar:  If you’re not watching The Wire, please, for the love of god, do yourself a favor and get on that.  You are missing out on amazing television program and some fantastic cultural references.  

Tonight we’re drinking Brouwerij Kerkom Blossom Bink.  Hailing from Belgium, it is a fruit beer made with pear syrup and honey.  The story on the label mentions the brewery is nearby renowned cherry orchards so I’m really unsure why this one features pear but whatever.  Those crazy Belgians!  It poured hazy mahogany in my glass.  

Sidebar 2:  One day Gary and I were driving home on Route 422 and I’m checking out the scenery and say, “What the hell is mah-hoag-gany and more?”  Silence envelopes the car.  I repeat, “What’s mah-hoag-gany?”  Gary nearly wrecks the car laughing at me.  Evidently despite 30-odd years on earth, I forgot how to pronounce mahogany.  Now every time we drive past the Mahogany and More store, it get mispronounced very loudly in fits of giggles.  

Back to the task at hand…it poured with a thin head that quickly left an off-white ring around the glass.  It definitely smelled of pears in beer.  Definitely different but appealing.  The taste was sweet and hoppy…like an alcoholic pear.  I’d describe the flavor as bracing with a good roundness from the malt with a kick in the tongue from the hops.  It was pretty good.  

Tomorrow’s adventure continues with day-drinking with friends from West Chester.  Follow me on Twitter (@TailgateNinja) if you’re interested in where I’ll be and perhaps want to join in the festivities.  


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