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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Beer 81: Brooklyn Brown Ale or It’s Complicated

I’m beginning to realize that work is going to be a total pain in my balls from now until May 11.  Every time I feel like I have things under control, 15 minutes pass by and I’m drowning in to do lists once again.  Oh well, at least I have a job I love.  Seriously.  I’m spending the last hour of tomorrow testing hydrogen balloon configurations to determine which one is the most awesome.  I get paid to do this shit.  Seriously.

On to today’s beer -- Brooklyn Brown Ale out of Brooklyn, New York.  It pours a deep, dark brown with a light tan head.  It smells of biscuits and malt.  The taste is rich and complex.  The longer I drank it, the more nuanced the flavor.  It started with chocolate and roasted malts.  Then the nuttiness showed itself.  This is kind of a heavy brown ale that I don’t think I would necessarily drink year-round despite its availability.  About midway through the glass, I began picking up on a great caramel flavor that led to coffee notes.

 Like I said, it’s got some complex flavors going on.  One of my absolute favorite beers from Brooklyn is their Local 2.  It’s a Belgian strong dark ale.  I recommend you go find one.  Maybe even go find this one and let me know which one is your favorite.  I vote this one as a great wintertime beer.


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  1. My wife loves Brooklyn Brown. She tends to rotate between Yards Brawler, Brooklyn Brown, and a few others that get chosen on a whim.