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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Let's Get It On, Val(-Dieu)entine's Day

Beer #66  Grand Cru / Brasserie de l'Abbaye du Val-Dieu, Aubel, Belgium

Happy Valentine's Day to all, but most importantly to my darling wife.  For those keeping score at home, this is our 17th Valentine's Day together and we're still going strong.  Of course, as a rule we don't celebrate this made up holiday.  Started when we were in college and didn't have any money, so with what little we had (who am I kidding, I just tacked it on the credit card) we would go out for a nice dinner instead of exchanging gifts.  Kept that tradition going post-graduation, and haven't looked back.  Although this morning Marci curiously asked if I was sending her flowers today... which is odd as I haven't done that in the previous 16 years.  If anything, we now view this day much like New Year's Eve - it's amateur hour, so instead of trying a new restaurant we stick with something local and awesome.  Not a day for adventurous dining.

I think The Oatmeal sums things up nicely through their Valentine's Day blog.  Big fan of The Oatmeal and their warped sense of humor, particularly the BOBcats.

While I wait for my beautiful wife to arrive home so we can get dinner, I'll share my beer of the day.  It's another beer Marci has already sampled (she's clearly a trendsetter here), the Grand Cru from Abbaye du Val-Dieu.  The Belgian quad pours a dark color with a thick head, and has a sweet, malt aroma.  The taste is warm and boozy - the 10.5% ABV definitely doesn't hide in the corner.  There are flavors of honey and ripe fruit, malt, and biscuit, with a slight bitterness on the finish.  Smooth and tasty.  Definitely worth your hard earned dollars.   Much better than that overpriced bouquet of roses you were thinking about bringing home....

Thing to Think About Today:
Look, I think today is a fake holiday intended to sell product and make people feel bad about their relationships.  However, for those romantic folks out there, for those trying to take their relationship to the next level, for those trying to get laid: allow me to suggest you think about Marvin Gaye.  If you look up "sexy time" in the dictionary, you get a picture of Marvin Gaye singing his damn ass off during this song.

As The Oatmeal tells us and Marvin confirms: less whining, more sexy rumpus.  And to all, a gooood night.

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