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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Beer 70: La Choulette Sans Culottes

Today started out great and has only gotten better.  Earlier this week, I heard back from New Holland Brewing Company  and got confirmation that my great white whale left for the East Coast on February 1.  A little phone research and I discovered a delivery of about 20 cases to Shangy’s in Emmaus (beer Mecca, thank you very much).  Every morning since Tuesday, I’d call the lovely woman who works the register at Shangy’s to confirm that it was still in stock.  This morning we hit the road around 8:30am and the trip resulted in this:

It’s a minor miracle that I didn’t make Gary drive us home while I hid in the backseat drinking.  I’ve decided to save my first one until tomorrow.  We had a few more errands to run and managed to find ourselves at a rescue pig placement awareness event.  I love pigs!  If I didn’t rescue dachshunds, I’d probably have one of these guys running around the house!

Up next is a little day-drinking with friends from West Chester.  Rock on with your bad self, Saturday!


On to the beer -- today we start with a La Choulette Sans Culottes.  It is a French biere de garde.  It poured a rich golden color with no head.  I could smell the malt sweetness right away and there were bread-like undertones.  It had medium carbonation.  The taste was very smooth and balanced and had hints of tea flavor.  At 7% ABV, I wouldn’t quite call it a session beer, but I could definitely spend an afternoon drinking a few of these.


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