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Friday, July 27, 2012

Olympic Time!

Beer #230 Steelhead Extra Pale Ale / Mad River Brewing Company, Blue Lake, CA

As I write this, we're one hour away from the opening ceremony of the Olympics.  Well, we're one hour away from it being televised, as it's already happened.  However, I've been on twitter and internet lock down, as I'm trying to not learn about what's in store for this awesome spectacle.  For those who don't know me, or for those who do know me but forget this key fact, I LOVE the Olympics.  Something about the best athletes from around the globe coming together every four years to put all their hopes, dreams, hard work, training, sweat, and fears on the line for one shot at glory is astounding to me.  I love the history, the legends, the personal stories, the pageantry, the random countries who didn't exist a few years ago competing.... I love it all.  And tonight it starts!

So, let's get today's beer done with - the Steelhead Extra Pale Ale from Mad River Brewing.  It pours an effervescent pale gold, with a lingering white head.  There's a light, earthy aroma, and the taste gives you nice flavors of malt, sweet caramel, and bread, with a mild hop bitterness.  Nice balance of hops and malt, and I'll definitely put this on the list to drink again post-365 adventure.


The seeds for this brewery were planted in the late 70's, when their Bob Smith, the founder, bought home brew supplies from the person who ended up starting Sierra Nevada.  When Sierra Nevada outgrew their first brewery and were building a larger one, Smith bought their old equipment, and the rest is history.

Thing to Think About Today;
I intend to use this space to highlight some of the triumphs and tragedies the Olympics have provided through the years, but to start it all off (and because I'm in a hurry), I'll pay homage to London, home of the 2012 Olympics, via the Clash's London Calling:

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