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Monday, July 30, 2012

Beer 233: Mean Old Tom

I love the label on this bottle of Mean Old Tom from the Maine Beer Company. . It is simple and incredibly appealing. You know what's also appealing?

This beer.

It is amazing. Mean Old Tom is a stout aged on natural vanilla beans. It pours a deep, dark chocolate brown with a thick cocoa color head. The smell lightly roasted coffee and malt. The flavor is full despite a nice thinness to the mouthfeel. It is roasted malt, a touch of coffee and a vanilla soda like taste. Every few sips I also get a bit of cola flavor as well. Complex but refreshing. Exactly what I need after a long day of staring at budgets.

Just because I like knowing this about the brewers I enjoy...Maine Beer Company is dedicated to the environment. They use renewable energy, spent grain is donated to a local farm, everything but the kitchen sink is reused or recycled and 1% of all sales are given to environmental nonprofits. This is the kind of business I can get behind. Cheers!

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