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Friday, July 6, 2012

Beer 209: Mac & Jack's African Amber Ale

I'm not going to lie...I'm pretty pleased that the African Amber Ale from  Mac & Jack's Brewery is only available in Washington, Oregon and Idaho.  Not only that, it's only available on draft - no bottles or cans. 

Mac & Jack's is brewed in Redmond (Washington) and I had it on draft at the W Hotel in Seattle.  It poured a slightly hazy reddish brown with very little head.  It smelled nutty and malty. The taste was heavy on the malt and kind of buttery with hops underlying throughout.  I wasn't at all sure what an "African amber ale" was when I ordered it and there wasn't a description on the menu.  Turns out that the first pub the beer was sold at was next to a zoo and all their beers have African or animal related names.  Now you know, too!  Overall the beer was very smooth and easy drinking. 


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