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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Beer 225: Lambrucha is for Me!

Today I'm drinking a crazy mash-up of Belgian ale and kombucha.  It's brewed by Brouwerij de Troch and imported by Vanberg & Dewulf. De Troch is in Belgium and Vanberg & Dewulf is in Cooperstown (NY).

From the Vanberg & Dewulf website:

Lambrucha is the first time that two different types of live yeast drinks have been blended together to create a completely new live yeast beverage. Lambrucha combines hand-selected house Lambics that are a minimum of one year old, and specially brewed organic Belgian kombucha.  Kombucha has been enjoyed in Central Asia for millennia. A deliciously tart effervescent beverage is created by pitching a mushroom into tea and letting it ferment. Kombucha is renowned for its pro-biotic, health-giving benefits. Lambic is the legendary spontaneously fermenting beer from the Senne River Valley in Belgium. Lambic contains some 500 different yeasts. Lambic is the signature contribution to brewing science practiced for centuries in Belgium.

At 3.5% alcohol by volume, Lambrucha certainly is closer to beer than tea—but we think it makes more sense to describe it as “two great yeast cultures, one great drink.”

(From Marci) It poured an opaque straw color with tons of bubbles and a full white head. It smells like brine -- actually reminds me of pickled vegetables -- and a bit herbal.  The taste is some serious lemon tartness.  In the background, there's a green, grassy taste...maybe even something mint.  The high carbonation level leaves a crisp, clean feeling in my mouth.  

The Lambrucha is definitely a unique beverage and I would guess that not everyone is going to love it. I've never had anything that tastes quite like it but I'm already in love with it.  And at 3.5% ABV, it is very sessionable, which I'm about to do. I wonder how mad Gary is going to be when I go steal his glass?


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