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Friday, August 23, 2013

Day 622: Russian River Damnation

I read an interesting article in The Press Democrat this morning. It coincides nicely with the beer I planned to review tonight so I recommend that you give it a read. If you're not into reading or if you prefer to have your news spoon fed in tasty little nuggets, here's what I learned. Russian River Brewing Company maxed out capacity and the news seems to have broken in a most dramatic way...they ran out of bottled beer at their Santa Rosa restaurant on a recent, particularly busy weekend.

Russian River started out in 2004 with a brewpub in Santa Rosa and not even ten years later is among the most coveted American beer brands in the United States (my interpretation of the facts). With Russian River only being available in California, Colorado, Oregon and at select bars in Philadelphia, I fear they are going the way of The Alchemist and that's going to severely impact my ability to get my hands on their product. That day is going to be a very sad day indeed.

Until then I'll be stockpiling Russian River beer like it's the end of days. 

Tonight's beer selection if Russian River's Damnation--a bottle aged golden ale. It pours a bright golden color with a loose white head. The flavor full and round with a good balance between malts and hops. There are fruit undertones with banana standing out. Russian River writes that this beer is inspired by Duvel. Having just spent some time in Belgium drinking Duvel (and many other beers) like it was my job, I can assure you that the tribute is spot on!

Beer stats
Style: Golden ale
ABV: 7.75%
IBUs:  Unknown
Rating: Excellent

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