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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Rabbit, Run

Day #616 Quad 10 / Brouwerij Fort Lapin, Bruges, Belgium
Previously from this brewery: The Tripel (and a shout out to the new King of Belgium), the Tripel, and the Quad

Another beautiful Saturday, which I will spend sitting inside.  Seems like a good plan.  I don't always sit inside - here's a picture of me and the bike I rode across Belgium.
I kid. I only rode across half of Belgium.
I've previously written about Fort Lapin, a relatively new brewery in Belgium.  In addition to sampling the Tripel during our visit, we got to try a glass of the Quad as well.  It poured a mahogany color with a substantial off white head.  There are floral and malt aromas, and when you take a sip you get a big mix of candi sugar, dark fruit, chocolate, cinnamon, and clove.  Very rich and complex, yet remarkably easy to drink.  If I had to pick a favorite between the two, I'd probably take the Tripel, but the Quad is very good as well.  You're not likely to see these in America any time soon, however.  Sorry!
Hi there.
The brewer told us the story of how his 10 year old son likes to help around the brewery, and wants to grow up to be a brewer one day.  That sounds like the most awesome experience ever for a 10 year old!  We also promised that we wouldn't relay the story of how his 10 year old has been drunk two or three times before. No problem keeping that one quiet - it's not like anyone reads this silly blog anyway....

Thing to Think About Today:
As previously mentioned, 'lapin' in French translates to 'rabbit' in English, so I'm closing out a mellow, contemplative Saturday with The National and Pink Rabbits.  Have a good Saturday...

"Am I the one you think about?"

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