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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Dogs Galore

Beer #680 Bitter Bitch / Wet Dog Cafe & Astoria Brewing Company, Astoria, OR
Previously from this brewery: the same

Today's beer review is a can of Bitter Bitch from the Astoria Brewing Company in Oregon.  In the glass (despite what the crappy photo might otherwise suggest) this beer shows off a dark copper color with a slightly off-white head.  There are pleasing aromas of earthy pine and citrus, and when you drink it down there's a good bit of grapefruit and pine, with a nice bit of bitterness on the finish.  There's some caramel malt in there as well to keep things in check.  Very solid pour.
Not the first beer with "bitch" in the name I've come across.  Brewers have some unresolved issues, I suppose.

Thing to Think About Today:
Something quiet from local Philly product Dr. Dog, perhaps?  We leave with Shadow People.

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