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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Monkey Business

Day #665 White Monkey / Victory Brewing Company, Downingtown, PA
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Up early today, but I guess that's okay because today is my Mom's birthday!  Best wishes for a good day, Mom :)

So you get a quick beer review, because that's the way it goes.  I have a bunch of old beer reviews lying around, so today you get a beer I drank way back in the early part of summer, White Monkey from nearby Victory Brewing Company.  This is their popular Golden Monkey aged for three months in white wine barrels from California.  When you take a sip of this Tripel you definitely notice the oak from the wine barrels coming through.  In fact, the oak definitely dominates some of the usual fruit flavors you enjoy in the Golden Monkey, and this one tastes more boozy than it's original version. Complex and delicious, if they produce this again you should grab one.
Ah, early summer.
I  have a friend who is banned by his wife from drinking Golden Monkey, as he underestimates the booze contained in this tasty beer.  Brad, I'm thinking you're also banned from this one.

Thing to Think About Today:
To celebrate all things monkey, I leave you with Proudest Monkey.  Enjoy some Dave Matthews Band for your Saturday.

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