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Sunday, October 6, 2013


Day #666 Jacobins Gueuze / Brouwerij Bockor, Bellegem, Belgium
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Long weekend finally (almost) over.  Good news; Mom liked her gifts.  Back to the grind tomorrow.

Tonight I leave you with a review of Jacobins Gueuze from Brouwerij Bockor.  Had this one with dinner at Hotel de Brouwerij, a B&B that used to be a brewery back in the day.  Food was good, frites were plentiful, and beers were dirt, dirt cheap.  The beauty of life on the farm in the exceptionally small town of Zwalm.  In the glass this one has a clear, dark gold hue (like apple juice) with a puffy white head.  Aromas of tart fruit and flavors of tart and sweet fruit and grain.  A solid beer, particularly considering the amazingly low price, but definitely not something in the same universe as the gueuze from Cantillon.  Worth a try, though.
Hi there.
Thing to Think About Today:
A cheap bottle of Jacobins with a white head gets you Jack White, and Honey, We Can't Afford to Look this Cheap.

Um, or not.  Mysteriously, no video for this song anywhere on the youtubes.  So, here's what you can do. = Go to the iTunes store and search for it.  Or, click this link to listen, if that's more your speed.  Just do it. It's a good song and it fit perfectly and I like it.

Night, friends.  Miss you all.

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