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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Shiva Blast

Beer #677 Shiva / Ashville Brewing Company, Asheville, NC
Previously from this brewery: N/A, this beer is the first out the limo

Hustle day today, so I'm getting down to business with a can of Shiva, an IPA from Ashville Brewing, a newcomer to the blog.  This one came courtesy of a friend who lives in South Carolina, but made his way up to watch the PSU-Michigan game last weekend (Thanks, Jeff!).  Beer always makes a great gift.

This beer shows off a dark gold hue, with a fluff white head.  There's a big grapefruit aroma, and when you take a sip you initially get more orange and grapefruit citrus flavor than pine, but the earthy pine and some good quality bitterness make their way on the finish.  Some malt in there to balance things out and round everything into shape.  Really solid choice, and always fun to try a beer from a new (to me) brewery.
Shiva, The Destroyer
This brewery also appears to be a restaurant, thereby combining two of my favorite items: beer and food.

Thing to Think About Today:
When I saw this beer name, I immediately thought of Shiva, a recurring character on the absolutely funniest (see also: only) show about fantasy football on television, The League.  A show about friends who delight in tormenting each other over the the highs and lows of their fantasy football league.  One of my favorite shows out there due to the completely absurd comedy, useful insults, and catch phrases.  I also like it because I met the cast in the Nashville Airport once, but that's another story for another day.  Check out some of the best of Rodney Ruxin in this clip below, then go start catching up on Netflix.  You won't regret it.


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