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Friday, October 11, 2013

It's the Wood That Makes It Good

Beer #671 Woody Creek / Flying Dog Ales, Frederick, MD
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Friday.  Yay.  At least I have the day off.... you know, minus the time I spent at work from 4:45am to 8:15am.  Because that's how I roll, apparently.

Today's sacrificial offering is a bottle of Woody Creek from Flying Dog.  This Belgian white has a gold color and a fluffy white head.  There are pleasant aromas of grain and citrus, and when you drink it down, you find a very mild hop bitterness, orange, and wheat.  There's a touch of coriander in there too, which provides a nice flavor at the finish.  Very nice, easy drinking yet flavorful beer.  Don't drink Blue Moon.  Drink this.
DP Dough in the house
This beer is a seasonal offering.  Act now, supplies are limited (especially since this was a summer release).

Thing to Think About Today:
Woody Creek.  Wood.  For reasons I can't explain, this makes me thing of the Kenny Rogers Roasters slogan, "It's the Wood that Makes it Good."  There used to be a Kenny Rogers Roasters in State College, PA up on North Atherton Street that I'd frequent a bit in my younger days.  Like most things from my younger days, it's gone now, but the fast food slogan remains seared in my brain, and we'll always have this wonderful episode of Seinfeld to remember it by:

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