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Monday, March 19, 2012

100 Beers and Runnin'.....

Beer #100 Garde Dog / Flying Dog Brewery, Frederick, MD

Dear 99 Bottles of Beer song,
We're now on beer 100... and counting.  Your jaunty lyrics mean nothing to me now, as you're in my rear view mirror.
Warmest regards,

With the 100th beer we've hit a milestone of some sort, although mathematically we're just shy of 28% completed.  I meant to do this last week, and Marci meant to do it today, so here's my better late than never (idea stolen from Marci) look at what breweries/beers have earned a spot in the Top 25.  In no particular order (for now):
Brouwerij van Steenberge / Trippel van de Garre
Brouwerij Rodenbach / Grand Cru
Anchorage Brewing Company / Bitter Monk
Brasserie Fantome / Fantome Saison
Oskar Blues Brewery / Dale's Pale Ale
Brouwerij Verhaeghe / Duchess du Bourgogne
New Holland Brewing Company / Blue Sunday Sour
Brouwerij Huyghe / Delirium Tremens
Wells and Young's Brewing Company / Bombardier

So that makes nine beers in the running... if you made me pick, I'd say the best beer so far was the Bitter Monk.  However, drinking 365 beers from 365 breweries is a marathon, not a sprint.  Plenty of game yet to play.  Click on the 'Top 25' tag on the right menu if you want to catch up on any of the Top 25 candidates to date.

Tonight is another beer drank outside (shout out to Mother Nature!) on the deck, the Garde Dog from Flying Dog Brewery.  This Biere de Garde pours a hazy shade of yellow, with a thick white head (my overzealous pour didn't help matters).  On the nose you get the light scent of grassy malt.  A friendly 5.5% ABV helps this beer go down easy, with flavors of malt, lemon, grass, and light peppery spice.  There's a note of bitterness in there to round things out.  Spring is upon us people, and if you want a way to get into a summery vibe, try this beer.  Trust me.

Thing to Think About Today:
I was tempted to drop NWA's 100 Miles and Runnin in here, but I prefer to not dwell on the days when Ice Cube left the group.  So instead I give you something less offensive - Guard Dog, an Oscar nominated animated short by the great Bill Plympton, starring a precocious pup who wants nothing more than a job as a  guard dog, despite his glaring lack of skill in that department.

The embedded vid is just a clip, the link below takes you to the entire video.  Please do yourself a favor and watch the entire four minute video:

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