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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Beer 108: Ayinger Weizen-Bock

Dear Universe,

Thank you for bringing The Oatmeal into my life.  For that I am ever grateful.  Seriously grateful.  And thank you for letting me find this little ditty this morning.

It’s probably the only reason that I’m not face first in a glass of gin right now.

Love and daggers,


Despite the motherfucking Pterodactyl, sometimes life just blows.  But you know what doesn’t blow? This weizen-bock by Ayinger.  It poured a cloudy straw color with a thick white head.  It smells of bread, bananas and hops.

The taste is awesome - complex and yet smooth and easy to drink.  It tastes of cloves, honey, bananas.  It’s effervescent and finishes dry.  Quite refreshing.  Perfect for the spring weather  that seems to have disappeared on us.


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