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Friday, March 9, 2012

Beer 90: Furthermore Beer's Fatty Boombalatty

Tonight we try Furthermore Beer's Fatty Boombalatty.  Furthermore comes out of Wisconsin.  I had this one on draught at Paramour in Wayne, Pennsylvania.  It was the only one they were offering, but after checking out the brewery's website, there are a few more that are quite intriguing.  Fallen Apple and Obscure to name two.

The Fatty Boombalatty poured a bright straw color with a head that didn't linger.  It smelled of orange, fresh grass and minerals.  I believe my direct quote after Gary asked me to smell his beer was, "It smells like rocks."  The brewery describes it as a dangerously drinkable Belgian.  While I liked it, it was a bit hop forward for me.  But further (ha!) reading of the brewer's description made me realize that was intentional.  So kudos to them for winning that one.

Clearly I don't know what coriander tastes like because I'm pretty sure this is the second beer I've had during this challenge that listed coriander as a major flavor and I didn't notice it.  (Heading to spice cabinet to sample coriander...)  The most interesting quality of this beer is for all the hop flavor it had, it was balanced with a buttery smoothness. 

I'll leave you with Gary's idea of funny...that's the last time I ask him to write some notes in the beer book for me. 


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