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Friday, March 23, 2012

Beer 104: Singha Lager Beer

Tonight we drink a beer from Thailand out of  an insanely old Budweiser glass.  (Do not hate on that glass.)

Singha Lager Beer poured with a super fizzy, gone-in-an-instant head.  It continued to bubble straight through the initial pour, during dinner and now while I’m writing.  The bubbles are making it quite refreshing to drink.  The smell is cereal and general beer scent.  The flavor is surprisingly sweet -- honey, sweet malt, a bit of hop that leaves a little tingling on the tip of my tongue.

Prepare for some knowledge.  The lion character on the bottle is the Singha -- a mystical lion found in ancient Thai and Hindu stories.  It is the most powerful of all creatures.  I like that.  The bottle itself is produced by a subsidiary of Boonrawd (the brewer of this beer).  Nice vertical integration.

Boonrawd is the first and only brewery in Thailand to be granted the Royal Permission.  It happened in 1939 and is an extremely rare achievement for any Thai company.  The Royal Permission is granted to a company that has a good and righteous name, produces quality products and services, and is a good representation of the kingdom internationally.  The sign of the Royal Permission is the Garuda -- the winged figure on the upper label of the bottle.

Feel smarter?  So do I.

In the immortal words of Ludacris…I bang cock in Bangkok.  And with that, I bid you a fond farewell.


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