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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Beer 96: J.W. Lees Harvest or Wow, That Tastes Like Ass

The label of J.W. Lees Harvest promised an ale matured in sherry casks.  This one was bottled in 2010 and being a fan of quite a few beers that tend to age well, I gave it a go.  I should of got up and went.

It poured a slightly cloudy copper color with a thin tan head.  It smelled of booze but the kind of booze that I don’t like.  A little too sweet in the nose.  I also noticed some honey and molasses.  The taste is where it absolutely south for me.

This is the 96th review I’ve written and I think the 100th beer I’ve drank since starting this adventure.  This is the first beer that I refuse to finish.  90% of this beer is going straight down the drain.  And I don’t care…that’s how much I dislike it.

The taste is all sherry and has a pronounced alcohol bite.  There’s honey and hop but it also tastes like ashes -- kind of like how I would think old cigarettes taste.  Smoked isn’t a bad thing in my world.  In fact, I have a rauchbier hanging in the fridge that I’m super excited about.

So on that note, I’m going to open up something I know I like -- Blue Sunday Sour -- and relax with a couple episodes of The Wire.

Oh, indeed.

p.s.  Microsoft Word keeps autocorrecting rauchbier to be raunchier.  Oh autocorrect, you entertain me so!

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