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Friday, March 23, 2012

The Post Where Nothing Makes Sense

Beer #104 Cold Front / Ithaca Brewing Company, Ithaca, NY

Another long week comes to a close, but at least that means it's Friday.  Weather is good, dinner is Chinese take-out, and I get to sleep in tomorrow.  Which really means 7am, but the lack of having something to do first thing in the morning is wonderful in my world.  Marci has threatened that a hang over might be in order for Sunday morning, however, tonight seems quiet.  We'll see.  The night is young.

Tonight's beer is the Cold Front, a  Belgian styled brown ale from Ithaca Beer Company which came on draft at The Side Bar in West Chester, PA.  Great beer list, for those looking for somewhere to drink good beers.  This one pours a mahogany color in the glass, and has aromas of roasted malt.  When you take a sip, you get candi sugar, toffee, and roasted malt, with a bitterness on the end.  Tried this because it was the only Ithaca on draft and I was eager to sample something from Ithaca, but quite honestly it was a little too roasted, a little too coffee flavored for my delicate taste buds.  I think their red ale, Cascazilla, might be more my speed.  However, if you're in the market for roasted, give this one a shot.

Neglected to snag a picture of said beer, so I'll just leave this here:
Bloodsport gif?  Always mesmerizing, if rarely relevant.
You're welcome.

Thing to Think About Today:
Look, you know I love to connect your thing to think about to the beer, the town the brewery is in, something, anything.  I've spent way too many brain cells this week thinking about work, so my creative genius is running low and I couldn't make any "Ithaca is Gorges" jokes be funny.  Crap, I mean I just dropped a Bloodsport gif in this post for NO reason.  So, if you're thinking of something for no reason, we might as well drift out to the West Coast and let Young MC kick off the weekend with juuuust the right groove:

Thinking that hang over might sound like a good idea after all....

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