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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Happy 15th (and three days) birthday, Flash!

Beer #96 Harvest Ale / JW Lees Brewery, Middleton, England

It's been a long day in a long week that isn't over yet, so I'm keeping this short and sweet.  Tonight's beer is an English barleywine from JW Lees.... and that's about the best thing I can say about this one.  I suppose I should say a bit more about it than that.  Aged in sherry casks, this beer pours an amber color in the glass, and you're greeted with the aroma of alcohol and sweet honey.  There's a malty, smoky taste that just doesn't appeal to me.  This beer checks in at 11.5% ABV, and you can tell.  Maybe we have a bad bottle, maybe we should have aged it longer, maybe.... this just wasn't a winner.  Sorry, folks.

Note to self: I probably don't like sherry

Thing to Think About Today:
Lost in the shuffle of travel this week was our dog, Flash, turning 15 years old on Monday!

The Regal Beagle.  But a Dachshund

We got him back in college when he was a pup, and he's been both my best friend and a pain in my ass ever since.  This lovable, loyal, stubborn dog merits an entire blog to document his travels and the trouble he's created, not just a footnote in a post.  However, we'll leave that for another day.  Until then, we'll let this puppet (and sort of Flash-looking dachshund!) wish us all a happy birthday!!

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