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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Beer 105: HooDoo Kolsch or DJ Marci G

On my travels today a new-to-me mash-up of LL Cool J’s Rock the Bells and The Verve’s Bittersweet Symphony came on.  It included some significant scratching which reminded me out of nowhere of my one meager attempt at a DJ career.  It was back in the mid- to late-80s and I made my debut scratching on my dad’s prized turntable.  Evidently one cannot just up and start scratching on any ol’ turntable and those fancy pants needles are really expensive.  It sounded like shit.  I ruined a record.  I also found out how expensive a replacement needle was.  I blame it on Run DMC or maybe Chaka Khan or was it Herbie Hancock?


Tonight I’m drinking a kolsch style ale from Uinta Brewing Company out of Salt Lake City, Utah.  If anyone cares, it was bottled on October 28, 2011 and is brewed with renewable wind and solar energy.  The HooDoo ale poured a golden straw color with a thin head that is leaving some serious lacing behind.

The smell is full of grain and slightly sweet smelling.  The taste is smooth -- grains, malt, very mild hop.  It’s ever so slightly sweet.  If I was the kind of woman who cut the grass on a hot summer day, I would probably be quite happy to grab one of these afterwards.  But since I’m more of a make-my-husband-do-it or hire-someone-else kind of gal, then I’ll probably just relax with one of these on a hot day and appreciate the lack of hard labor in my life.

You daily dose of knowledge revolves around funny words like Uinta and hoodoo.  A hoodoo is a tall, thin spire of rock that protrudes from the bottom of a basin or badland located in dry, hot areas.  Hoodoos can reach hieghts exceeding that of a ten-story building.  Why did Uinta opt for hoodoo for the name of this kolsch?  Nowhere in the world are hoodoos more abundant than in Utah and specifically Bryce Canyon National Park.  And for your second bit of knowledge -- Uinta is the mountain range located in northeastern Utah.


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