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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Beer 88: Brasserie Fischer Amber

For the past three hours, I wrangled volunteers and decorators and helped them agree on linens, flowers, vessels for said flowers, votive holders, napkins, chairs, the color of the water in said vessels, cushions for chairs, what colors go in what dining rooms, china, silverware and glassware.  We picked all the options for the menu tasting next week, assigned volunteers for four subcommittees, scheduled follow up meetings and made a plan of attack to meet our fundraising goal.  In three hours.  Three hours!

Wow.  Seriously.  Wow.


Tonight we drink a beer from France.  It’s the amber from Brasserie Fischer.  (That link goes to Beer Advocate. I keep striking out trying to find a link the brewery’s website and found the following on  wikipedia.  The website seems to be gone as of January 2012.  Heineken closed the original brewery and moved operations.  Maybe at one point this was a much better beer and Heineken crapped it all up.  I’m not a fan of Heineken so I’m happy to blame them.)

The Fischer Amber poured a light amber color with a soapy sort of head that fizzled out pretty quickly.  The smell reminded me of Yuengling Lager and college.  Malt sweetness, bready.  The taste was more of the same only not as good as Yuengling.  There was a sharp hop kick at the end and despite the tiny bubbles, it felt flat as I drank it.  Somehow, despite that odd hop kick, it was bland.

Bonus points: Cool bottle

Negative points: Didn’t have the swing top like a lot of other beer reviewers had.  I got a plain old cap.

It’s a wash.  Disappointment from France tonight, folks.  Perhaps France needs to stick with wine.

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