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Monday, March 26, 2012

Beer 107: Jenlain or Sounds of Silence

One of the unexpected outcomes of getting rid of cable is the inability to put the television on for background noise.  I never enjoyed being in a quiet space before -- something about it set me on edge.  I’d listen for the most minute noises and become convinced of imminent disaster.  Having the television babbling on in the room rid me of those fears.

And then I rid myself of cable and learned to appreciate a quiet room.  I could hear myself think -- granted I didn’t always like the thoughts rattling around in there.  But there I was, left to my own devices, thinking -- mulling things over, if you will -- and it wasn’t as scary as I originally suspected.  I feel calmer and more focused.  And the silence has spilled over into other areas -- my commute home, for example.

I’ve had several mind-bendingly frenetic weeks at work and it’s not going to let up until at least mid-May.  Today on the drive home, the radio was turned off and the window was opened up a bit.  The sound of the road under my tires and the wind rushing past was therapeutic.  I think I’ll make it after all now that my head’s clear.


Speaking of clearing things out, we’ve had some beer hanging around the fridge for awhile.  Tonight’s beer is a great example.  It showed up weeks and weeks ago and has moved around the fridge like a vagrant in a public park.  I don’t know what I was waiting for but now’s the time to make my move.

Jenlain comes to us from France -- Brasserie Duyck to be exact.  It is a biere de garde.  The color is copper with a thin off-white head.  It has a bright fruit nose.  The tasted was malt sweetness and nice hop finish.  There was a touch of honey to the flavor and the alcohol was very discernible (7.5% ABV, which isn’t crazy at all but this one has pronounced alcohol presence).  If I had a top 50, it would make the list.  Cheers!

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