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Friday, March 30, 2012

Beer 111: Velvet Roosters and Velvet Dachshunds

I'm not feeling very eloquent tonight.  A few hours ago, we took Flash for his final trip to the vet.  Cancer got him.  Fuck cancer.  Fuck human cancer.  Fuck canine cancer.  I would like to think I'll be able to eventually write something meaningful about how much I love that dog.  For now, let's all remember him as the party animal he was...


I often called Flash the Velveteen Dachshund.  Ironically we had a beer called Velvet Rooster in the fridge, which seemed appropriate for tonight's review.  Velvet Rooster is a Belgian Style Triple brewed by Tallgrass Brewing Company.  I think this may be the first and possibly only beer I get my hands on from Kansas.  It poured a pale and cloudy shade of orange.  It had a light head that left a bit of lacing.  It smelled of citrus and hops.  The taste was strong on the hops for me but I still enjoyed it (a rarity for me).  It drank with mild spiciness and a fresh, green flavor.  Overall, pretty tasty.  Cheers!

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