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Friday, March 16, 2012

Beer 97: Bøgedal No. 133

Yesterday on the drive home, Gary reminded me that we missed Flash's birthday.  So this one's for you, Flash.  Happy 15 years and 4 days!! You are an evil, evil genius and continue to astound me with your cunning and flair for destruction.

No. 2 and No. 3 praying for levitating steak

Steak prep

We celebrated with sirloin tip steak -- or at least the Army of Dachshunds had steak.  The people had poached eggs over green beans dressed with Parmesan and olive oil.

The Old Man being nonchalant


Photographing Flash chowing down was difficult!

In celebration of such a unique dog, I'm drinking a unique beer.  Bøgedal No. 133 out of Denmark. 

From the Bøgedal website:  Bøgedal is an atypical brewery in that it is Scandinavia’s only all gravity brewery.  The beer runs from cask to cask by means of pulleys and flows from level to level without the use of pumps.  The wort is cooked over an open fire. Because of the delicate methods in use, Bøgedal can produce a nearly clear beer without filtration, thereby retaining many of the important flavours and aromas.  The brews are never identical, even when the same recipe is followed.  Low technology without temperature control allows the beer to live its own life and develop naturally.  Bøgedal brews the so-called "goodbeer", going back to the preindustrial age.  This is a strong, very rich beer with many of the natural sugars still intact.

No. 133 is a Belgian dark ale.  It poured a deep, dark chocolate brown with a thick tan head.  It left significant lacing.  It smelled a bit sour with dark fruit aromas.  The flavor starts off reminding me of milk chocolate covered cherries and turns to a tongue squeezing tartness.  Overall it is excellent.  And guess where I had this one on draught?  The Farmer's Cabinet, of course!


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