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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Shout out to Hello Kitty!

Beer #87 Madamin / LoverBeer, Marentino, Italy

Things I learned today:
1. When you spend your entire day adding things to your to-do list, you never get around to crossing any items off.
2. I'm headed to Oklahoma next week.  OKLAHOMA.  Again.
3. If you're starving and craving sushi, you probably shouldn't sit at the counter with a front row seat for all of the sushi being made.

Today's highlight was without a doubt the aforementioned sushi bender at Bluefin.  If I die from mercury poisoning in the next week or so, you'll know why.  You've already been told Bluefin is the best sushi in the Philly area, so I won't bother to remind you.

With that, it's on to the beer - Madamin by LoverBeer, an Italian brewery.  A cloudy burgundy brown color in the glass, this beer has a mild aroma and an oak taste, which makes sense due to being aged in oak barrels.  It's tart, with cherry and grape flavors, and ends with a sour finish.  Not the worst beer in the world by any stretch of the imagination, but if you're in the market for a sour or a wild ale or a Flanders oud bruin, there are better options out there.  I'd love to tell you more about the brewery, but my browser can't translate the webpage.  So... yeah.  Mi dispiace.   That's "I'm sorry" for the non-paisanos out there.

Hooray for crappy pictures!
Thing to Think About Today:
Enough about Italy for the moment.  Considering the amount of sushi I consumed this evening, I feel this is a more appropriate thing for us to think about.  Ladies and gentlemen, The Vapors:

I'm sure this all made perfect sense in those crazy, absurd, drug fueled 80's.

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