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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Beer 102: Great Lakes Dortmunder Gold

Tonight we're drinking a Great Lakes Brewing Company Dortmunder Gold on draught.  It was procured at TJ's in Paoli.  I love that place!  It is a German style lager.  As the name promises, it poured a beautiful golden color.  It had a light white head and lots of carbonation.  It smelled of sweet malt and had a general beer aroma.  The flavor was malty sweet with a strong hop finish.  There were also hints of biscuits and some honey/fruit notes.  Dortmunder Gold drinks with lots of body and I think it would be a great tailgate beer.

Evidently TJ's is a very dark bar...
Is anyone else curious about the origins of the beer's name?  I learned from Beer Advocate that Dortmunder style lager was made popular in the 19th century in Dortmund, Germany.  It is a pale golden lager that exhibits a clean character with notes of biscuity malts.  (Score one for me!)  Its bitterness is akin to a German pilsner with an aromatic aroma and overall dry tone.

If you're curious what Gary thought about this one, you're in luck.  He reviewed it late last year.  And seriously what else could I possibly say after that Cleveland tourism video?


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